Friday, September 14, 2012

How do I make a supplementary admission application?
1.Complete the CAO application form like all students
2.You must disclose your disability or specific learning difficulty on the CAO form
3.Complete the Supplementary Information Form – If you submit a CAO application online you
will be directed to an online version of the form, if you submit a paper CAO application form a
Supplementary Information Form will be posted to you.
What information should I provide on the Supplementary Information Form?
You must provide the following information on the SIF:
· Details of disability
· Supports requested and/or provided in second level education
· Likely supports needed in higher education
· Personal statement outlining the impact of your disability to date
· Disability related documentation from medical consultant/Educational Psychologist’s
· Second Level Academic Reference
What happens to the Supplementary Information Form?
The forms are sent to participating Colleges, who review all applicants as a group. This means
individual applicants are considered for places across all participating colleges.
If I have a language waiver for my Leaving Certificate, is this automatically accepted by
participating colleges?
No, if you require an exemption from language entry requirements you must apply directly to the
National University of Ireland and to the Admissions Offices of University of Limerick, Dublin
City University and Trinity College Dublin.
When is my application considered by colleges under the Supplementary Admissions
Your application is usually considered in the first round of CAO offers. Offers are made with
standard CAO First Round offers.
If I make a late application or use the change of mind facility am I still considered under
the Supplementary Admissions Route?
Yes, you will be considered under the Supplementary Admission Route for the final course
preferences indicated on your CAO Application.
Are mature applicants considered under the Supplementary Admission Route?
No, mature students with disabilities apply via the mature admission entry route.

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