Friday, September 14, 2012

What is the supplementary admission route into Higher Education?
The supplementary admission route facilitates access to some Higher Education Institutions
(HEIs) for applicants with disabilities, who, because of the impact of their disability, may not gain
the competitive CAO points for their course.
Who is the supplementary admission route for?
It is for you if:
· You are a student with a disability, and
· You may not meet the CAO points for the course of your choice due to the impact of your
What kinds of disabilities are considered?
Students with a wide range of disabilities are eligible, including students who:
· Have physical and mobility disabilities
· Are blind or vision impaired
· Are deaf or hard of hearing
· Have significant ongoing health issues
· Experience significant mental health difficulties
· Have specific learning disabilities or dyslexia
· Have disabilities such as ADD, ADHD or Aspergers’ Syndrome
What standard of Leaving Certificate is required?
· Each College has set entry requirements to each course
· All applicants must reach minimum entry requirements and any specific course requirements
· Students are encouraged to contact individual Colleges for exact details
Which Higher Education Institutions participate in this scheme?
The following Colleges are participating in 2009:
Athlone Institute of Technology - AL
Dublin City University - DC
Dublin Institute of Technology - DT
Mater Dei - MD
National College of Ireland - NC
NUI Galway - GY
NUI Maynooth - MH
Trinity College Dublin - TR
University College Cork - CK
University College Dublin - DN
University of Limerick - LM
All participating HEIs have agreed common criteria for the assessment of eligibility for this
scheme. It is also expected that places available under supplementary admissions are targeted
at those experiencing the greatest educational disadvantage in second-level education. All
participating HEIs have agreed to review all applications for supplementary admission as a
group to ensure all applicants are treated fairly and to ensure consistency across the scheme.

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