documentation must be submitted to be considered under the supplementary admission route?

Friday, September 14, 2012

The disability documentation provided must be deemed acceptable (see acceptable
evidence below).
For verification of disabilities which professionals/specialists are deemed acceptable?
Type of disability Accepted
Blind / Vision impaired Ophthalmologist
Deaf / hard of hearing Audiologist, ENT Consultant
Physical / Mobility Disability Orthopaedic Consultant, Neurologist (consultant)
Other Consultant specific to condition
Medical Condition Relevant consultant in area of condition
Mental health condition Psychiatrist
Dyslexia / specific learning disability Educational Psychologist – enclose full report not
evidence of disability form
ADD / ADHD & Asperger’s Syndrome Psychiatrist
Head/Traumatic Brain Injury Consultant physicians, neurologists, neuropsychologists,
Other disabilities Relevant medical consultant / specialist
Disability documentation is assessed to determine if students are eligible or ineligible for
consideration under the supplementary admission route.
· Eligibility is based on the completion of the Medical Evidence Form by a relevant
specialist or consultant (see above)
· Personal Statement completed
· Second Level Academic reference completed
· All of the above documentation is assessed to determine if there is a significant level of
educational disadvantage
· Medical evidence from a relevant specialist or consultant stating the student has not
been, nor will be, negatively impacted
· Evidence from a G.P is not sufficient
· No medical evidence provided
· Application form is incomplete
· Assessment of all the above documentation did not determine a significant level of
educational disadvantage

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