Appy after supplymentry result Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

Friday, September 14, 2012

below. Criteria used to determine levels of disadvantage are consistent with Department of
Education and Science guidelines for Irish Language Exemption and State Examinations
Commission Reasonable Accommodations in Examinations (RACE). The level of disadvantage
is deemed most significant degree where:
· Literacy attainment at or below 10th percentile/SS 81, significant discrepancy with
general ability; two literacy abilities affected. Evidence of deficits in working memory and
processing speed.
· Significant level of difficulty experienced by the student, with little or no compensatory
strategies in place. Student is unaware of strengths and weaknesses and is struggling to
a significant degree to cope with workload.
· Severe impact on ability to succeed. Student may or may not have received specialist
tuition but it has been relatively ineffective. Student’s written work not reflective of
underlying cognitive ability to a significant degree.

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