ensure you can be considered eligible for the supplementary admission route.

Friday, September 14, 2012

It is important to complete the on-line form correctly and include all relevant information so that
the participating HEIs can assess this information (see sample forms on the download section of
the CAO website). In addition, medical evidence and/or education psychological reports should
be provided and should contain specific information as per guidance notes below.
Applications will not be considered if the following conditions are not adhered to:
· A relevant Medical Consultant/Specialist who has the training and experience with the
particular condition/disability must complete this form.
· This form must be stamped or include a business card/headed paper
· All applicants must complete this form, with the exception of those with Specific Learning
Difficulties (e.g. Dyslexia), who must provide a recent Educational Psychologist’s report
· Evidence from a General Practitioner/family doctor, or support organisation is not
accepted as verification of disability.
Guidance notes for Consultants on completing the Medical Evidence Form
Please ensure that the Medical Consultant/Specialist adheres to the following guidelines when
completing the Medical Evidence Form.
Please briefly describe the course of the condition:
The first question enquires about the likely course the disability/condition might take over the
period of study. Some disabilities/conditions are static and the student will remain at the stage
at which they present for the duration of their study. Other disabilities/conditions may remain
the same, may have periods of relapse and remission, or may deteriorate. Other
disabilities/conditions are progressive with the student requiring greater support as their studies
How does the disability/medical condition impact on the students’ ability to study and
participate (e.g. fatigue, concentration, pain etc)?
The second question looks at the impact of the disability/medical condition. Please describe the
possible impact the disability/medical condition might have on the student’s ability to carry out
their studies such as:
· Mobility hampered by weakness
· Loss of dexterity
· Inability to control specific movements – steps/stairs could be a problem)
· Pain that makes everyday activities difficult
· Tremors – difficulty writing, holding, manipulating objects
· Fatigue and weakness leading to problems completing exams/lectures
· Difficulty carrying books/props etc for class
· Difficulty reading books, seeing presentations, writing due to visual problems

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