Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students (S-AEIS) Result

Friday, September 14, 2012

From 2012, MOE will hold a Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students (S-AEIS) in February / March every year. This means that there will be two exercises for admissions into a particular school calendar year, for example, in September / October 2011 and February / March 2012 for admissions into Academic Year 2012. This initiative will provide better facilitation and convenience to international students (IS) as well as streamline the administrative processes for our schools.
Since 2008, IS wishing to seek school admission to mainstream public primary and secondary schools, and who will be age 7 and above as of 1 January in the year of school admission, may take part in an annual AEIS during the September / October period every year. Under AEIS, IS enjoy the convenience of a centralised test on English and Mathematics, and an offer of a school place if they pass the test. An applicant who passes the test is offered a place in a suitable school, based on available vacancies and his performance in the centralised test. These successful applicants can start school at the beginning of the academic year in January.
Previously, IS who were unable to participate in the September / October AEIS may sit for and must pass the Qualifying Test (QT) before approaching individual schools for further school-based admissions tests. Many approach more than one school to increase their chances of admission and are often required to sit for different admission tests by the schools they are applying to. Our schools also need to cope with the additional administrative load to conduct such tests.
With the availability of the S-AEIS in February / March, there will be no more QTs from July 2011 onwards. Applicants who pass the S-AEIS will be offered a place in a suitable school with vacancies based on their S-AEIS results. IS should not approach our schools for admissions as it will be centrally managed.

Infographic for S-AEIS Process
Aligilibility :
New international students who do not have a place in a local school and who wish to seek admission into Primary 2-4 and Secondary 1-2 are eligible to take part in S-AEIS.

Application for S-AEIS

Please read the rest of this page before proceeding with the online application.

Key Events & Dates for S-AEIS

International students can apply from 2 January 2013 onwards to take part in S-AEIS and sit for the centralised test appropriate for their age cohorts. Registration for the test date will close when all available places for that test date are taken up. Applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to register early, make payment and submit the required supporting documents within one week of their online application.
Date Event Mode
2 Jan – 31 Jan 2013 Online Application for 27 Feb / 28 Feb 2013 S-AEIS test Online application and submission of supporting documents and payment
By 21 Feb 2013 Receive Entry Proof for 27 Feb / 28 Feb 2013 S-AEIS test Email
27 Feb 2013 Conduct of S-AEIS test (for Secondary Levels 1 - 2) In person
28 Feb 2013 Conduct of S-AEIS test (for Primary Levels 2 - 4) In person
15 Apr 2013 Release of school offers – Primary levels View outcomes online
16 Apr – 30 Apr 2013 International students to report to school – Primary levels In person
29 Apr 2013 Release of school offers – Secondary levels View outcomes online
30 Apr – 14 May 2013 International students to report to school – Secondary levels In person

How to apply for S-AEIS

For more information on S-AEIS application, please read the sections below before you proceed to complete the S-AEIS Online Application form. Applicants must use a valid email address in the application.

Documents required

Applicants are required to have a photocopy of the following supporting documents:
  • Applicant:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Data Page of Passport
    • Deed Poll (if any)
    • Dependant’s Pass (if any)
    • Immigration Exemption Order (if any)
    • Student’s Pass (if any)
  • Applicant’s Parents:
    • Data Page of Passport
    • Deed Poll (if any)
    • Singapore NRIC (if any)
    • Re-entry Permit (if any)
    • Employment Pass / Work Permit (if any)

Fees payable and Submission of Supporting Documents

The S-AEIS fee is S$672.00 (inclusive of GST). This fee is strictly non-refundable. Any requests for a refund will not be considered. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider their availability for the test before applying.

Important information for Submission of Supporting Documents:

  • Submit payment and a photocopy of supporting documents within one week of online application or by the closing date of the registration period, whichever is earlier.
  • The photocopy of supporting documents submitted should be legible.
  • If the supporting documents are in other languages, an accurate English translation must accompany the photocopies.
  • All supporting documents submitted for application purposes will not be returned to applicants.
  • Incomplete applications (i.e. without photocopies of supporting documents and/or payment) will not be processed.
Applicants may make payment and submit supporting documents via one of the following modes:
Payment mode Payment details / Submission of supporting documents By Mail In Person
Credit Card / eNETS Payment by credit card / eNETS is only available online.
After submission of credit card details online, you are to submit a photocopy of your supporting documents either by mail or in person.
Business Services Division,
Centre for Assessment Training and Services (S-AEIS),
Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board,
298 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee,
Singapore 169565
Customer Service Centre,
Ministry of Education,
1 North Buona Vista Drive,
Singapore 138675
Cheque / Bank draft Applicants may issue a cheque of Singapore-based banks or a bank draft drawn on a bank in Singapore. They should be made payable to “SINGAPORE EXAMINATIONS AND ASSESSMENT BOARD”, and the cheque should be crossed.
Each S-AEIS application should be accompanied by one cheque or bank draft for $672 only.
The applicant’s name, passport number and the test level for which the applicant is applying for must be written on the reverse of the cheque / bank draft.
If you are paying by cheque / bank draft, you are to submit your payment together with a photocopy of your supporting documents either by mail or in person.
Cash / NETS If you are paying by cash / NETS, you are to submit your payment and photocopies of your supporting documents in person. N.A.

What happens after Submission of Supporting Documents

Applicants whose application and payment are in order will receive an official notification from the Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board (SEAB) within two weeks of their applications (latest by 21 Feb 2013 for the tests on 27 Feb / 28 Feb 2013). The official notification will include the S-AEIS Entry Proof (with applicant’s index number) and instructions for applicants.

Reporting for S-AEIS

The S-AEIS centralised tests will be held at
Singapore EXPO
1 EXPO Drive
Singapore 486150
The timetable is as follows:

Mathematics English
Date Level Start Time Duration Start Time Duration
27 Feb 13 (Wed) Sec 1 09:00 2 hr 15 min 14:30 2 hr 10 Min
Sec 2 09:00 2 hr 15 min 14:30 2 hr 10 Min
28 Feb 13 (Thu) P2 / P3 09:00 1 hr 50 min 14:30 1 hr
P4 09:00 2 hr 20 min 14:30 2 hr
All applicants are required to arrive 45 minutes before the start of the test, and be seated at their assigned desks at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the test with the following documents:
  • Applicant’s original passport
  • A copy of the Entry Proof issued by SEAB

Preparing for the S-AEIS

Applicants should note that English is the medium of instruction and are strongly encouraged to prepare themselves in advance of the tests.
Applicants should be familiar with the English and Mathematics syllabi of the level preceding the one they are applying for. For instance, an applicant who wishes to sit for Secondary 3 should be familiar with Secondary 2 content. An applicant who wishes to seek admission to Primary 3 and is assigned the P2 / P3 test should be familiar with Primary 1 and 2 content. An applicant who wishes to seek admission to Primary 2 and is assigned the P2 / P3 test should be familiar with Primary 1 content. Details on the syllabi can be found on the respective subject syllabus webpages.
For more information on the S-AEIS centralised tests and the test format, please see the section Information on S-AEIS Centralised Tests.
School Offer :
Applicants who pass the S-AEIS centralised test would be offered a place in a suitable school for the current academic year, primarily based on available school vacancies and the applicant’s performance in the S-AEIS test. Where possible, the school offer will take into account applicants’ intended residential area. Hence, there is no need for applicants to provide school choices. There will be no school choice and no release of test results under S-AEIS.
School transfer requests will not be entertained, as the school offer will take applicants’ performance and intended residential area into consideration. Therefore, please indicate your intended residential area carefully.
As the offer of a school place is dependent on the availability of vacancies and applicants’ test performance, admission is not guaranteed.
All the applicants, including those who are unsuccessful, will be able to view the outcomes of their school offer online on the following dates (tentative):
Level School Offer / Notification Date
Primary levels 15 Apr 2013
Secondary levels 29 Apr 2013
Successful S-AEIS applicants should prepare themselves in advance for a new school environment where English is the language of classroom instruction, and to familiarise themselves with the relevant curriculum for their level. International students who wish to undertake preparatory courses before or at the start of their entry into schools can refer to the Council for Private Education website.
Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply to take the next AEIS or S-AEIS, subject to them meeting the permissible age-ranges for the level.
The S-AEIS outcome is final. MOE will not accept any appeal requests from unsuccessful applicants.

Reporting to school

All successful applicants are to report to their offered schools during the following periods. If they are unable to, they should contact the schools to make alternative arrangements.
Level Reporting and registration period
Primary levels 16 Apr 2013 to 30 Apr 2013
Secondary levels 30 Apr 2013 to 14 May 2013
Applicants who do not report to the offered schools within the periods stated above may have their places offered to other applicants.

Requirement for Student’s Pass (Important)

Successful applicants holding a Dependant’s Pass (DP) or Immigration Exemption Order (IEO) do not need to apply for a Student’s Pass (STP). Their admission can be confirmed immediately upon reporting to the offered schools.
Successful applicants without a DP or IEO should note that admission is subject to them obtaining a STP. They are advised to apply for their STP with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) as soon as possible after reporting to school so that they can start school at the earliest possible date upon receipt of the STP.

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